Arappu Powder

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Arappu is a powder made from the leaves of krishna siris tree. It's botanical name is Albizia amara.



Nowadays all are running behind the shampoos and conditioners for their shining hairs. But if we use arappu powder means hair looking too shining and good growth compared to any other good brands of shampoos.

What we do?

We select a young leaves from the krishna siris tree (Arappu tree) and its sun dried. After that it is well grind to a powder to make is soft while using. It is 100% natural and no preservatives or colour added to it.


Arappu powder serves as a natural conditioner for the hair while washing. It reduces heat of the body and softens the hair. It is an old method of washing hair and very good for your hair growth. Mixing shikakai powder will give more shining to your hair.

Hair washing with arappu makes you feel relax and cools your Body. After wash, your hair looks so shiny & black lustrous. This Herbal Powder acts as a natural conditioner too. To get good lather, you can mix this arappu powder with little shikkakai powder. A good quality arappu powder prevents the formation of dandruff in your scalp.

It is also verified that arappu powder could soothe the scalp letting the cells to grow around the hair follicles producing a new shoot of hair. Moreover, it is very natural and does not have any side effects whatsoever.

How to use?

During hair wash, take required quantity of arappu powder in a bowl and mixed it with water to make a fine paste. Then apply it all over your scalp and hair just like a shampoo. Do some massage on your scalp and wash it completely.

Note: Please do not use if you are taking bath with a salty water, as the arappu powder won’t work well in that case.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lavanya Lokanathan

    Fantastic product. Thanks a lot !

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