Honey Gulkand

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Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals from the Indian subcontinent.

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Gulkand is made by placing the rose petals and sugar in alternate layers in a wide-mouthed airtight glass jar. This pot is put in the sunlight for certain hours per day for few weeks. On alternate days, the content of the pot is stirred with a wooden stick.

What we do?

We offer the most delicious rose gulkand which is made using fresh ajmera rose petals. Prepared hygienically using hand picked fresh rose flowers and blended with jaggery powder. This gulkand is also mixed with some amount of honey to make it a flavorful sweetener.


In Ayurveda, Gulkand is used as a tonic to reduce pitta and heat in the body. It is known to be a good remedy for acidity. In India, it is mostly eaten with Paan as a mouth freshener and for a digestion.

1. Coolant for your body:

Gulkand is cooling so is beneficial in alleviating all heat related problems like tiredness, lethargy, itching, aches and pains, reduces burning sensations in the soles and palms. It is very useful to treat body odour and excessive perspiration. It detoxifies your body from inside and its cooling effect prevents internal heat during summers. During summers, gulkand is advisable because it protects you from sun strokes, nostril bleeding and dizziness.

2. Gulkand for acidity:

Consuming a few teaspoons of gulkand daily helps to reduce stomach acidity. Some feel burning sensation in throat, heartburn, sour mouth or throat, indigestion and stomach ache. You can get rid of all these problems using gulkand in your daily life. You can eat gulkand every day at night just before sleep. Ayurvedic physicians prefer giving gulkand in between meal for treatment of gastritis and ulcers.

3. Constipation for kids:

Gulkand is natural remedy for kid’s constipation. It is also delicious and favorite among children. You may need to give gulkand for several days to get a cure of constipation. In addition to gulkand, include fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables in your kid’s diet.

4. Skin care:

Gulkand is great for the skin. It removes toxins from the body and purifies blood, and so prevents various skin problems like blackheads, acne, pimples and rashes.

5. Helps digestion:

Take one or two teaspoons of gulkand daily also to reduce stomach heat and acidity. It also helps in improving appetite, and enhancing digestion to keep you at ease and free of any irritation in the stomach lining.


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